Dec 1st 2021

Canadian Spouse Of Overseas Wife Held Hostage By Vaccine Mandates In Order To Fly Out Of Canada To Be With Wife And Children Over Christmas Holidays

Sept 30th 2021

No Covid Vaccine Passport Bill

LILLEY UNLEASHED Trudeau’s vaccination rules for you — not elite athletes

Sept 13th 2021

Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan

This Is a Very Important Letter and A Long Read.


sept 8th 2021

Alberta announces $100 COVID-19 vaccine incentive program

Jason Kenny Bribes the unvaccinated just To infect Albertans, to win favor…..Don’t buy into his lie!

Paul Murray slams ‘garbage’ freedoms for fully vaccinated in NSW

Irish Council For Human Rights

Vaccine passports are unconstitutional, civil liberties lawyer says

Sept 6th 2021

Marilyn Burns – Trial Lawyer – The Legal Response to covid induced INSANITY

Sept 5th 2021

Justin Trudeau is feeling Canadians rebel against him

Sept 3rd 2021


Ontario sells out for vaccine passports

Stand Firm in the Law

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Are some government responses to COVID breaching Charter rights?

There has been a lot of buzz about the constitutionality of government responses to COVID, but where do things really stand? Are lockdowns, mandatory masks, travel restrictions and the accompanying penalties really a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

The Charter provides an explicit guarantee of political and civil rights. It includes protections for freedom of conscience, speech, expression, assembly and association. It protects the right of citizens to enter, remain in and leave Canada, and travel between provinces, the right to life, liberty and security, freedom from unreasonable search, and it protects our right to equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination.

It’s easy to see how many of these rights are engaged by a lot of government action in response to the COVID crisis.

For example, gathering restrictions implicate our right to freedom of assembly. Mandatory mask orders touch on our liberty rights, and travel restrictions impair our mobility rights. When police do unauthorized digging in our health records it violates our privacy rights. Freedom of religion is infringed by the limits on churches, temples, and mosques.

Business closures are a bit more complicated. The right to carry on a business and engage in economic activity is not enshrined in our Charter. It is a long established common law right, but it is subject to extensive regulation. The right to life liberty and security applies to individuals, not to businesses.

There is an argument that business closures violate freedom of association or assembly. This right is more for the patron than the business itself, as these rights are not traditionally interpreted by courts to protect typical commercial interests. There may be room for a novel argument, especially for businesses with a strong community or associative element. Depending on the nature of the business, it may also be possible to argue that the government is limiting freedom of expression. For example, in the case of cultural businesses like theatres.

While many rights are violated by these government acts in response to COVID, the Charter has something called the limitation clause in section 1. This allows governments to justify infringements of certain rights. The courts have developed a test to determine whether a limit on our rights is justified. The law must serve a pressing and substantial objective, it must be rationally connected to that objective, the law must minimally impair the right, and there must be proportionality between the limit on our right and the benefit gained.

Controlling the spread of COVID is an important objective, and it is an objective that itself engages our Charter rights, including the right to life and security. When balancing competing fundamental rights, courts will show considerable deference to government attempts to craft proportionate responses, and minimal impairment does not require perfection.

However even with wide leeway from the courts, some government action may be taking things too far. It may not be minimally impairing to have multiple restrictions heaped on top of one another. Why close stores when requiring masks, sanitation, and limiting entry would achieve the same goal? Why limit travel between provinces when quarantine is required?

Moreover, limits to our rights cannot be arbitrary, unfair or based on irrational considerations. And many government actions are now treading into irrational and arbitrary territory. Why close theatres when everyone faces the same direction in a large room, doesn’t talk, is masked, and in the absence of evidence of spread in theatres? Such a measure seems more about political optics than science and public health. But legal arguments aside, the government needs to provide a rationale to the public for their measures. Very little information has been disclosed about where transmission takes place, yet limits have been imposed on gatherings and businesses shut. Even if the government COVID measures were to survive a Charter challenge, they may lose public support if they don’t provide evidence now.

This column was originally published in the Toronto Star

August 29th, 2021
Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer – Government of B.C.

Bonnie, watching your news broadcast is absolutely disgusting and shameful.
You call this a temporary measure as you call it however, close to 2 years and you keep lying to Canadians.

You have become the “New Hitler” in Canada. This seems to be an unforeseen reality

Your actions are a mirror image of the past. “Show me your papers” or face the consequences.

Fear Mongering is your platform. Canada is becoming more and more like the days of Hitler.

Your actions are handcuffing B.C. Residences to obey your “orders” No “jab” no freedoms is your message.

Many Canadians will not subject themselves to your Gestapo orders to be forced into something that is absolutely disgusting and shameful.

You keep openly lying to the public and now using tactics like Hitler’s Germany to force people to take the vaccine poison, if not you will be labeled as a rebel and marked just like the. “Yellow Star”

You are a Fascist. You openly used the form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalist characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

You, Bonnie Henry, are doing your best to turn the province into a dictatorship government just like Ford and other provincial jurisdictions.

You are just making orders and have your “vaccine police enforcement” at every doorstep, or face consequence”

Let’s call it for what it is, “the final solution” is your agenda.

Your orders are murdering Canadians. Turning B.C. into building unvaccinated camps for those who will not comply.

You are making B.C. a dividend province.

Do you have no shame as you are spreading this poison of lies to all Canadians?

Have you forgotten human dignity? Have you forgotten our rights and freedoms?

Do you realize that everything that you are pushing is against Canadian and international law?

Let me remind you how you continue to contradict our Rights and Freedoms
The rights and freedoms protected by the Charter fall into 7 categories:

Fundamental Freedoms.

Democratic rights.

Mobility rights.

Legal rights.

Equality rights.

Official Language rights.

Minority language educational rights.

You have pushed your agenda to the point of Canadians fighting against one another as we fight for our rights and freedoms.
However, getting paid from provincial and private sectors to keep the narrative?

Your unelected position is a disgrace to B.C. and the rest of Canada.

I guess you are above the law as you trample against our rights and freedoms.

I am getting tired of the blatant miss leading propaganda that you and the federal government continue to push to Canadians.

As a proud Canadian, I did not sign up to live in a country where history is repeating its self as the days of Hitler.

You and Trudeau and his political cronies along with the Gestapo health ministers will never make me bow down to your orders!!

Because of your actions and the actions of your colleagues, the world is watching and many are discussed by what you are doing to your fellow Canadians.

Many Canadians are pushing back against the lies and intimidation tactics that you are using.

Your agenda has no excuse but a blatant disregard to Canadians under a democracy.

Stop lying to Canadians!!!!! Your department is a disgrace to Canada.

You are a disgrace to the medical community.

You will be held accountable for your actions along with every other dictator in government.

You are bullying and use the powers of government to push your agenda.

Very Angry Canadian

Aug 28 2021

Action4Canada – Against COVID Measures British Columbia

May 16 2021

BREAKING: Calgary police arrest Fairview Baptist Church pastor Tim Stephens

‘We did not unite around blind loyalty to one man’: Alberta premier facing calls to step down

How To GET THROUGH A Covid-19(84) Travel Checkpoint With Press For Truth!!!

Calgary Fire Department say, Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s garage was deliberately set on fire

You can hold the provincial government, Alberta health and the city responsible for pushing people to institute hate crimes against those who stand up for their rights against the unconstitutional lockdown and violations. Whoever did this deserves to be charged. Start with Premire Jason Kenny and his government.

“Life might be largely returning to normal” | Rebel reporter Lincoln Jay joins Ezra Levant

May 14 2021

Police/Sheriff move in to lock the doors of the meetinghouse of the Church of God in Aylmer

Why would so many Canadians turn a blind eye and allow this behavior from police and politicians? This is absolutely disgusting. The Trudeau Gestapo….

Nova Scotia Supreme Court orders a halt to anti-mask protests | COVID-19 in Canada

Message To Premier of Nova Scotia Stephen McNeil

You are an absolute disgrace against the citizens of your province. Bulling Nova Scotians. You are a joke. You are a dictator turning the province into a Nazi state. The judicial courts have the finance to implement law. Everyday Nova Scotians can’t afford to eat, lose jobs who gets silenced by your Gestapo courts but the government makes it impossible to fight back against these orders. You are a Hitler, just like Trudeau and all provincial premiers across this country. You openly violate and trample our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms to push your agenda. What a disgrace!!!!!!

Rally against mandatory vaccines in NC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has waded into the debate over COVID-19 lockdown protests | TREND LINE

I am appalled that Trudeau is pushing this vaccine passport. It is another way to implement a Gestapo state. You as the media seem to think that 3 out of 4 Canadians support this measure. Where are you getting your numbers? You support public shaming to follow the Trudeau agenda. It is absolutely wrong for the government to now require us Canadians to travel abroad to be forced to take this poison. “Where’s your papers” Just like World War 2. It’s all about the control of government against our Rights and Freedoms. Trudeau is a dictator and needs to be charged with treason

Trudeau cleared in WE charity scandal, Morneau should have recused himself, ethics watchdog says

The ethics commission is just as dirty as Trudeau. What a joke. They’re all hypocrites. We all know that Trudeau broke the law but this committee is spineless and refuses to hold Trudeau accountable. He is a thief and a lier over and over again.

Are All The COVID-19 Related Fines Illegal?

May 12 2021

The Fatal Flaw In Canadian Democracy

Derek Sloan, MP interviews Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Mother handcuffed & humiliated for playing ball on the beach her with family

May 11 2021

2021 Meets 1984

RCMP issues summons to court for Alberta protest rodeo hosts

May 10 2021

Bill C-10 update. If you’re an influencer you need to watch this.


Court indefinitely extends lockout of Trinity Bible Chapel

May 9 2021

TOP 5 WORST THINGS TRUDEAU HAS DONE AS PM (…so far) Originaly Posted May 18 2019

May 8 2021

POLICE STATE: Watch the moment a SWAT team arrests a Canadian pastor

May 5 2021

Pastor speaks out after Ontario government locks his church’s doors

May 4 2021

Enough Is Enough!!!!

We need to cut the crap, end the silence, and bring justice for women, particularly those in Canada’s Armed Forces

GOT COVID? COME ON IN!: Why are we letting infected people in Canada?

May 3 2021

How Trudeau Plans to Censor Our Internet


Uproar Over Changes To Broadcasting Bill That Could Limit Free Speech

Message To Canadians

The Canadian people are bound by the same laws and afforded rights and freedoms within our Bill of Rights and Freedoms however, the Trudeau government and Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault is doing their best to twist and redefine our rights and freedoms to meet their objects.
What so many fail to realize is the new Bill C10, being pushed by the Trudeau government has NO place OR right to determine control over people’s hearts, opinions and minds.
Unfortunately Trudeau has this mindset that he is exempt from any and all responsibility,  using Bill C10 to silence any criticism expressed by the Canadian public.
Every day, the Trudeau government has been continually pushing his agenda at every turn using the media.
So many politicians and MP’s sit silent and go with the status quo to keep their elected positions but know what Trudeau is doing is wrong.
It’s refreshing to see the Honorable Pierre Poilievre, Honorable Michelle Rempel Garner and many more fighting for Canadians.
Canadians, be reminded that what Trudeau continues to say openly along with his liberal party, “we have the backs of ALL Canadians” but it’s obvious, more like a sound bite to appease the listener and win voters.
Trudeau is needed to be held accountable for his actions and the continued lies and cover-ups, pushing for vaccine passports, more fear mongering to pressure force vaccines, lockdown, lost businesses, internment hotels, personal financial ruin to millions of Canadians, broken dreams, destroyed families and increased suicide rates and giving sweeping power’s to provincial courts, police and health services to fine, arrest and detain and confiscate property to Canadians; is HIS doing.
We are supposed to be a democratic society however, give Trudeau what he is pushing for and we will all suffer the consequences for being silent.
Unfortunately, Trudeau is using powers allotted by his liberal government to manipulate Canadians to turn Canada into a dictatorship country.

Hire Canadians. Fire Trudeau.

April 30 2021

Polish Pastor Now Facing Arrest Warrant, The Covid-19(84) Gestapo Is Killing The Church!!!


Another Intimidation Tactic From The Alberta Government.

Our Rights, Freedoms and Laws to protect Canadians Citizens have always been a façade to keep the masses docile and controllable.

This has been instituted by politicians and the Canadian Government yet, kept away from the public’s attention because this would look bad however, the Covid pandemic has finally brought to light what’s been in the works for years.

Slowly implementing their goal to take everything away from us and become sheep to the slaughter.

Premier Jason Kenny and the Alberta Government has made it more obvious as they are no longer willing to pretend but to implement their efforts in full control.

They think that have the majority of Albertians on board with the agenda, so it’s no longer as necessary as it once was.

Have we become slaves to a tyrannical government?

When will Albertans and Canadians push back and fight for our rights and freedoms and Stop this Dictatorship that is slowly engulfing us?

So many are of the mindset that what politicians and the Trudeau government has allowed, is right?

History has taught us this; actions by people who were under a dictatorship government, stood in solidarity, fought at the cost of lives lost to regain their freedoms.

Trudeau, premiers, politicians, and the news has given so much power to the “government run health experts” to silence the ones who stand up, keep pushing the narrative to those who think that, all is well for the betterment of Canadians.

Trudeau is responsible for breaking our Charter Of Rights and Freedoms, laws continue to be broken by the hand of the his government, yet it’s interesting to the extent that he continues to manipulate laws to meet his and those provincial governments objective.

What so many fail to realize is that by giving in to this narrative, we have lost our freedoms.

Is this the Canada that we want for ourselves and of children?

Agree with the dictator and we loose everything that our forefathers gave their lives for.

This is not the Canada that I want my children to live in.

April 28 2021

Stop Censorship–defeat Bill C-10

Imagine a world where Trudeau decides what you post on social media. It’s about to happen

April 21 2021

The Perils of “COVID Zero” Policies

Trudeau gives Alberta the third finger salute with his “budget”

CHRIS SKY – Our Government Is Losing Control Of Its Law Enforcement

April 19 2021

Trudeau gives Alberta the third finger salute with his “budget”

Clear and present danger – welcome to the new Canada

Big Lockdown and the Permanent Emergency

April 07 2021

“Alberta church shut down, fenced off after breaking health orders”

“Without Prejudice”

To the Canadian Media.

I do not apologize for sharing my thoughts openly. I still have the right of expression.

What I saw on the evening news on April 7 2021 is absolutely appalling and disgusting.

City News Edmonton’s Rachelle Elsiufi, reported and publicly shamed Grace Life Community Church as somehow a bad for not following the now “Gestapo Province of Alberta?

Premier Jason Kenny should be ashamed as he has allowed the media to put fear and hated between Albertans and continues to contradict everything he says and has forgotten what he once stood for, years ago. He is a hypocrite. Members within his own party are critical of his latest public health measures.

Parkland county neighbors seem to support the Jason Kenny Gestapo dictatorship. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to understand the reality of the governments overall agenda.

Case in point: Non Christian centers of worship are open with thousands of followers all across the country without their religious leaders being jailed or locked out but the Christian church is openly persecuted. Welcome to a government who is openly “antichrist”

Both the Federal & Alberta government continues to break apart our freedom of speech, to assemble, our rights and liberties which this country was founded on.

So many Canadian’s refuse to see the truth but trust in the media and politicians to do the thinking for them without realizing the consequences in the end.

How can Canadians continue to trust the word of Justin Trudeau and his rich funded friends and still think that he is out for the best interest of Canadians? He has a proven track record of being the worst prime minister in Canadian history. Lie after lie, scandal after scandal, stealing Millions, spending Billions as if it was his to spend, failing miserably with the mismanagement of the vaccine failure and paying the media to spin his agenda.

Feel sorry for the thousands upon thousands of decent hardworking Canadians who continue to keep their heads in the sand and ignore what is coming or who believe everything he and many politicians say to be truthful.

To the media; Stop fear mongering and start to tell the truth. Unfortunately  It’s sad that the News Networks across Canada will never tell the whole story for fear of loosing the Trudeau funding such as CBC for example at taxpayers expense.

Nightly news cast’s seem to push COVID fear mongering that continues to see more suicides, a shattering economy, broken families than the “pandemic” itself.

The truth is, Jason Kenny, Doug Ford along with other provincial Premiers and Trudeau use the media to fulfill their mandate. What country are we living in? Trudeau is slowly turning Canada into a Nazi and Communist’s state. Canadians wake up!!!!!!

The longer we allow Trudeau and his cronies in power, the faster we will loose everything.

The media used to stand up for truth cantered news  but today has lost it’s integrity and it’s overall commitment to the Canadian public.

Canada once stood for freedoms and liberties but in 2021, we live in a media fueled fear mongering society that keeps feeding a narrative that causes people to not think for themselves until it’s to late. That’s the Trudeau Reset Agenda.

Continue with this agenda and you to will be remembered as a Trudeau media sellout.

News media without a conscience is more dangerous than the story being told.

Angry Canadian

RCMP raid Pastor James Coates’ GraceLife Church

April 06 2021


March 18 2021

BIDEN TO THE RESCUE: Trudeau’s Vaccine Mishap Embarrassing For Canada

March 11 2021

Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam

February 27 2021

February 25 2021

Message To Jason Kenny

February 22 2021

Pastor James Coates behind bars after church defies lockdown

This is Absolutely Disgusting. The most important foundation in our society is being railroaded for principles.

I also am disappointed as to when you Mr. Kenny were the Federal Immigration Minister, how you ignored my friends plea for help in having his wife obtain a visitors visa. 3 times they were denied for her only to die and 2 months after her death, Immigration approved her visa. How can I ever have confidence in your leadership when you have no regard for Canadians. You never reached out to him after his devastating loss.

I will let Canadian’s know what you did.

Alberta’s Premier, Jason Kenny should be ashamed.

Alberta Premier asked to release jailed pastor, end religious persecution

Feb 17th, 2021

EDMONTON: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms today asked Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to rescind the health orders of the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, which unfairly discriminate as between restaurants and houses of worship.
The Justice Centre’s letter concerns Edmonton-area pastor James Coates, who is currently in jail for exercising his Charter freedoms of conscience, religion, association and peaceful assembly.

The letter also challenges Premier Kenney to assume responsibility for protecting the Charter rights and freedoms of Albertans, and cease allowing the Chief Medical Officer to violate them by health orders that are not reviewed by, or approved by, the elected Members of the Legislative Assembly.

February 09 2021

Independent grocer pleads with politicians to “be honest with the people”

February 06 2021

Canadian Frontline Nurse’s Press Conference

January 31 2021

There’s No End In Sight Of The Lockdowns

January 14th 2021

“Justin Trudeau insults Canadians and disregards the 2 Michaels”

Video Source: 2 Average Dudes

Huawei CFO Meng’s family granted federal travel exemption to visit Canada. Syrine Khoury, a spokesperson for the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ office, confirmed to CTV News in a statement that “Ms. Meng’s family was authorized by IRCC officials to travel to Canada.”
The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Rob Oliphant defended IRCC’s decision on CTV’s Power Play, saying, “Canada is a country of the rule of law… we do not let whether we like someone or dislike someone get in the way of us absolutely fulfilling our responsibilities.”
Toronto-based immigration lawyer Chantal Desloges says the decision to grant travel exemptions is highly discretionary. “Many people who want to come to Canada for very legitimate reasons, to reunite with family members here, are being refused every day,” says Desloges.
Conservative shadow minister for immigration Raquel Dancho called the decision outrageous and says “the Liberals seemingly rolled out the red carpet to allow Meng Wanzhou’s family to fly into Canada and be reunited for the holidays.”
While Meng’s family arrived in Canada for a visit, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor marked two years in a Chinese prison in December.

An Open Letter To Canadians

Here are my passing thoughts regarding what continues to transpire here in Canada. Recently.

Trudeau continues to evade questions when asked about the BILLIONS he continues to spend but somehow has amnesia to tell the public.

Trudeau and his newly appointed Finance Minister continue to evade the question, blame the opposition, and justify their spending practices. Why are they hiding the number and refuse to be transparent with Canadians? He continues to deliver the art of “manipulating” the public to give the impression that we matter however, Trudeau says he is there for Canadians during this exuberate financial crisis and has this idea that many Canadians support him but seems slow to deliver and quick to pass the buck. Trudeau and his cabinet have no Honor or Credibility.

Trudeau recently said that he is disappointed because two of his caucus members left the country on vacation and were receiving the Sick COVID Benefit as well as other, however, I and many Canadians are not surprised in hearing this revelation.

Trudeau has stolen MILLIONS from taxpayers, three scandals but yet, is not being held accountable for his actions yet his government is now seeking repayments from Canadians who received “overpayments” from the CERB, are now expected to pay it back or face consequences but Trudeau is exempt from repayments to the Canadian Tax Coffers without any threat of criminal charges for theft and fraud?

There seems to be a disconnect from reality on the part of the government. Giving the impression of a double standard should not be tolerated. The government is being two-faced. What a joke.

This so-called Prime Minister continues to bide his time in office, purchase vaccines, at taxpayers’ expense but is still is unable to deliver. Another scandal is on the horizon and with his recent cabinet shuffle, there seems to be a possible spring election coming. Trudeau is in bed with politicians from both sides of the aisle to keep his job and continues to spin his “Reset Agenda” yet continues bankrupting the country.

Trudeau is not a leader who deserves to be in public office. We seem to have a Prime Minister who is immune from any accountability or prosecution, as recent history has shown us, shut down parliament as to not further expose his misdeeds. I would not be surprised if he and his rich cronies have made back door deals with companies who are making the vaccines at taxpayers’ expense. The truth will eventually come out.

Trudeau and his government are so out of touch with hard-working Canadians; who are trying to survive yet his Gestapo government and provincial counterparts jump on and impose their agenda. unfortunately, he now enforces a dictatorship-style government in this country. What a disgrace.

Locking down the country, slowly taking away our liberties and freedoms, is something that seems to be repeating itself. Have we not learned from history?.

It’s sad that so many continue to struggle but he lives a worry-free lifestyle at the expense of taxpayers and the stolen millions. I don’t understand how so many Canadians can’t see the writing on the wall. We are now living in a pre-WW II world.

I am ashamed of this Dishonorable Prime Minister.

This COVID has changed our lives and it is sad to see the countless victims who have lost their lives on a global scale, those who are at risk, and many in fear. I realize that this is a real pandemic and many noted Doctors, nurses and Scientist are doing their best to combat this crisis however, those who are in this current goverment have no place to impose their agenda on the will of the people and now threaten Canadians with jail and outrageous fines if we don’t follow their rules.

Be REMINDED, Trudeau, your government does not Rule the people. The government is to work for the people. It now seems that you on the fast track to make Canada a dictatorship.

Many have died and paid a price to keep our freedoms and liberties. I would guess that many would turn in their graves if they could see how you are destroying this country.

ATTENTION Canadians!!!!! let us all have courage and clarity as we enter 2021 and elect leaders who serve Canadians and RESTORE the Dignity of Canada. We need to find a vaccine for this Virus which is called “Trudeau Pandemic” that has been killing our country.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Please feel free to post your replies.

Source: A Frustrated Canadian

To all Viewers.

I’ve been watching the news and it’s interesting to see that their narrative is getting more and more convoluted in regards to this COVID crisis.

It’s interesting how this so called “prime minister” denies more money to the provinces yet can get away with STEALING over a billion dollars from the Canadian taxpayers for himself and his cronies.

It’s also interesting how the narrative from the news is focused on the agenda of this current liberal party regarding the vaccines and Covid crisis however forgetting about the rest of the stories that are being ignored.

In my opinion, the Media along with the Liberal Party are both in bed together.

This government financially supports the media to manipulate the governments agenda in making Canadians fearful to submit to their will.

Continual Lockdowns restrictions, fines and being jailed, seem to be their goal.

What needs to happen, government politicians across this country, take the CERB, shutdown their private businesses and begin to live like the rest of us, who are starving, scratching at the door just to make sure that our families are able to survive.

I think it’s a disgrace how our tax dollars continually pay their salaries and yet millions of us are falling into further uncertainty.

Justin Trudeau continues to lie and steal from us Canadians as another day go by.

It’s now becoming more clear that he is going to be forcing Canadians in taking this vaccine.

Trudeau, you publicly tell Canadians that you’re there for us and have our best interest at heart? well then, prove it!!!!

You publicly take a pay cut, take the vaccine, get your wife, your children, your mother, your brother and the rest of your cabinet to take the vaccinations as you claim it to be so safe.

The truth is Trudeau, I don’t think that you have the capacity to be a man of your word.

You have proven to be a disgrace to so many Canadians and the world is watching and laughing. I am embarrassed of being a Canadian every day.

You are just as guilty and corrupt as those countries that your government once denounced.

You climb into bed with Millionaires and Billionaires and World leaders that have the same agenda, as you call it “the great reset “Here’s my definition of the great reset;

Let us go back to when you were elected as prime minister and ensure that you would never have been elected.

My children will be educated as to the truth of our Canadian history as being this; you will be remembered as a Corrupt leader, one who will sell Canada to the highest bidder as you openly lie to Canadians.

“Prime Minister” you are a disgrace to our Canadian democracy and I will NEVER take the poison that you are trying to sell to Canadians.

Do us all a favor and step down and go spend the millions that you stole from us taxpayers and let a REAL Canadian lead us out of this destruction that you have caused.

November 21st 2020

Some passing thoughts.

This COVID and Global Power System that is upon us, it’s safe to say that many people are getting more worried about the whole thing & the uncertainty of their survival economically.

Christmas & New Year will be a real test of people’s will to comply or not comply with social distancing, masks & cancelled social gatherings.

Unfortunately they need to realize that everything is being taken away. However, it will be too late for those who thought that listening to “big brother government” was the right thing.

Canadians need to wake up and smell the rat in the house called “the Trudeau Communist Agenda” set by this spineless, lying, stealing dishonorable prime minister

Government gives themselves a 11% wage increase, politicians across the country get paid their full salaries as the government shuts down businesses, people loosing jobs, home’s, livelihoods yet saying they are looking out for the best interest to Canadians.

Why are so many Canadians not seeing this?

It’s disgusting to see how this government manipulate its own citizens.

Oct 30, 2020 — Global News published this video item, entitled “Canada increases immigration targets to historic levels following COVID-19 disruptions

However, this family is continually being ignored by this Canadian Immigration Minister in allowing them to visit family because of “Political Red Tape”

Canadian Woman Reunited With British Fiance As Pandemic Border Rules Ease

Source: Global News October 11th 2020

Coronavirus: Canada Easing Border Restrictions To Allow For Family Reunification

Source: Global News October 3 2020

October 1st 2020

Edmonton MP Taking Action

Mrs. Samuels and her children want to extend their appreciation from the Philippines for your continued support as to their cause.

Last week, Mr. Samuels was contacted by the MP’s office and informed that the MP is now making preparations in taking their cause right to the House of Commons and addressing the floor. They are extremely excited in seeing evidence of your support. They are optimistic however, looking look forward to moving forward.

This fight for this family is far from over.

They thank you for your support and encourage you to please let as many people know to support their petition. With more supporters like yourselves, together, along with Voice For Fairness Canada can put added pressure on the government to allow our family to be reunited.

We will keep you updated on developments.


Voice For Fairness Canada

  • As of 2020-04-24 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada | news releases

Today, the Honorable Marco E. L. Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, is announcing action to speed up spousal application processing and help families build their lives together in Canada.

However, no mention of applications for visitors visas to those spouses of their children who only want to visit, not to immigrate because the IRCC has caused a lot of pain and suffering as to judge those who are legitimately following due

process but end up being held as suspect as being of questionable characters but only focus on spousal applicants. It seems that the Liberal Government has an agenda to win votes by granting the spousal applicants, as to what they had demonstrated when they open the flood gates to the Syrian refugees.

The IRCC has announced that beginning on July 1st, Canada will resume processing all online applications for visitor visas, transit visas and electronic travel authorizations (eTAs).

Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/departmental-plan-2020-2021/departmental-plan.html#core1

Canada’s travel restrictions still apply, so many people will not be able to travel to Canada at this time. Resuming processing of these visas is an effort to be proactive on future processing times.

The IRCC will continue to process study permit and work permit applications submitted online as well as permanent residence applications. Paper applications for visitor visas, study and work permits will not be processed until further notice.

Source: VisaPlace / www.visaplace.com /Aug 2020

Both the immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, and the deputy minister, Catrina Tapley seem to be focusing on their agenda. Mendicino was asked about a number of immigration programs concerning the economic, family, and refugee classes.

Source: cicnews /Aug 2020

Voice For Fairness Canada is dedicated to bring to light some of the challenges that so many Canadians have endured in dealing with trying to find resolutions as to their causes within the various levels of our Canadian Immigration Departments.

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We believe that, in Canada Every Tax Paying Canadian has the right to have Peace of Mind. Our mission is to call out our current Liberal Government into account for their lack of transparency in correlational in dealing with the Immigration issues that has been brought into question. This current Liberal Government has treated these citizens with no regard and their current “Policies” tend to give favor to non Canadians access to Canada and make it difficult for Canadians who have their spouses and or children, granted access to Canada.

We are the Voices from across Canada who are standing up to hold our current “Liberal Government” and “Marco Mendicino”, current Immigration Minister, accountable in how policies have and continue to isolate and deny hard working Tax Paying Canadian Citizens who have Spouse, Partners, Children and Family Members the right to be connected (By only Visiting) their families because of the latest “Marco Mendicino” Immigration Canada Policies.

It’s unforunate that there in no focus on visitors visa’s but students and care givers. because of this, in continues to put a stranglehold in such a negative way. Let us join hands together to bring a better future for all Applicants who have the right to be united with their Canadian Citizenship Spouse, Partners, Children and Family Members.


Petition Summary: We Urge Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Honorable Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino to reconsider Mrs. Samuels original application be granted access to visit her husband in Canada.

Your signiture will help equip CHANGE within Our BROKEN Canadian Immigration System. You can make a difference today by being a VOICE because you ARE the differnce.

Make Immigration Fair

Marco Mendicino is the current Immigration Minister of Canada. Hold this Minister accountable as his department keeps playing politics with Canadians as his unrealistic policies have caused and continue to cause anguish, frustration and disappointment to those who are married and have families who are overseas wanting to visit. His department has affected Millions of Canadian Families in such a negative way.

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Social Media has given us the ability to reach those who never thought possible in voicing their challanges regarding Canadian Immigration System. We encourage ALL of those who visit our site, Open your voice by joining us, a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of famlies because we are Canadian.

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With the aim of helping as many people as possible. Share Your Story with us. Please contact us for more info.


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