Voice For Fairness Canada was birthed as a result of the personal struggles that the founder has endured in not being able to have his family visit Canada. He realized, as a contributing tax payer, something was seriously wrong with the Canadian Immigration system, though meaning well, found flaws that has made it a challenge for him and his family.

His family is not prepared to move to Canada and leave ties that they have build throught the years in order to satisfy Immigration Canada by obtaining a sponsorship visa. They only want to vist Canada.

Immigration is one of the fundamental building blocks that has made Canada the unique nation that it is. Unfortunately the debate over immigration, before the Covid pandemic until now, has been become a toxic issue because politicians have put politics before principles.

The Covid 19 pandemic has opened the eyes of many Canadians that have felt bullied by the immigration process, often feeling intimidated and misunderstood by officials and those who are fleecing them out of their finances without any positive solutions.

Voice For Fairness Canada continues to hear heartbreaking stories from Canadians who are embittered, broken, frustrated, felt abandoned, unheard and left suspended due to the incompetence of the Canadian Immigration to due it’s job.

As of October 2nd 2020, the current Immigration Minister has publicly made “reform” promises yet many still feel handcuffed by a system that has not only turned a blind eye to the systemic, bias and flawed immigration system but to those hard working Canadian Tax payers who have exhausted, time and financial resources in trying to get their families to visit.

The challenge at this stage is to seize the opportunity, not only voice but to take the initiative , in seeing families reunited without more false promises. The choice is an easy one — help our fellow Canadian community overcome the continuing obstacles set before our hardworking Canadian Taxpayers who are married, having families overseas.

We are continuing to let our presence known here and welcome those who have expressed their interest in participating in whatever way they are able. We would be grateful if you decide to join hands with our organization in helping us take on the responsibility for the improvement of the lives affected.

We Thank everyone who is standing behind us . We look forward to your input and the opportunity to partner with us. We will be pleased to submit additional information at your request.


Voice For Fairness Canada


CRA CBN: 74752 9675


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