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I am signing this petition because every family deserves to be together. It is a simple human right.

Source: Baptist /Surrey BC / / July 2020

“Because I believe that no family should be forced to stay away from each other”

Source: Jackline Ledo / Edmonton Alberta / / July 2020

Good day i Know Marcus and i have read what is happening and it is unfair there is no reason why she could not come here with their children to visit and or be with him full time her husband , Canada Prides it self on multicultural country .But Yet this happens all to often yes i speak by experience because the same things are still happening from when i tried to bring my Wife Susana to Canada . Same excuses same run around and still no appeal system . so you have to start each time right from the beginning It Breaks My Heart my wife Susana never made it to Canada and their was no reason for her not to come and live here. She has Now Passed away and Never will be able to step across the Border. and No My Kids are grown and they have huge Barriers just to come and visit me either after the accident MY Story also is here to My Life is a Mess it is not too Late to Support Marcus and His wonderful Family’s Cause and to show Nothing has Change for Peron that want to be together as husbands and Wife and Family with children that Love each other and Miss their Father and Husband Please Canada this has gone on way to long same excuses and same check marks on the denied forms and excuse have been going on too long Please Unite Loving Family’s Like Marcus and his Wife and his Children Thank you for your Time lets make a Happy Ending and not a Nightmare anymore Please Canada immigration

Source: Gregory Coy / Winnipeg Manitoba / / July 2020

This is unfair to a wife/mother of a Canadian who wishes to visit with her husband with their children in his home country. Other immigrants get access to Canada without the proper paperwork or have families here without hesitation. This is very disrespectful to this family when they try to enter this country through the proper channels… the laws need to be changed for this family and others like them who struggle.

Source: Bev Ellerton / Bonnyville Alberta / / July 2020

How is it that the requirement is only allocated to parents or grand parents to obtain “Super Visas” but the Super Visas is not available to spouses or children of the Canadian spouse?

According to Immigration Canada, they recommend that you apply for a “The Family Class Application” (Spousal Sponsorship path) as a way for a permanent resident or citizen of Canada to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner (including same-sex partner), parents, grandparents and dependent children to immigrate to Canada.

However, it’s been told by an insider that they make it difficult to obtain any kind of “visitor” application for your spouse, or children but focus in refugee applicants.

Source: Voice For Fairness Canada Supporter / Edmonton

Canada has taken in 60,000 Syrian refugees over the past five years or so, which is all to the good; but it is not something the Trudeau Liberals are entitled to boast about since it is a result of the generosity of ordinary Canadians, many who need the leaders of our country to respond to their needs also. Most of these refugees have been privately sponsored, not government-sponsored, and there has been a shifting annual cap on the number of refugees the federal government allows Canadians to sponsor.

Source: NationalPost/Terry Glavin Publishing Date:October 16, 2019

There needs to be an unbiased consistent and transparent systems that is fair, just, and gives preference to families of Canadian citizens over those just trying to get in but without any links.

Source: Paul Belcher / Fort Saint John BC / / June 2020

“Your Government has proven to have no substance or backbone for the everyday hard working “broke” Canadian who have loved ones that they can’t visit on Canadian soil. You are an embarrassment to many Canadians with your immigration policies”

Source: Voice For Fairness Canada Supporter / Calgary

I do not think the vast majority of Canadians are opposed to immigration. What they do not like is the uncontrolled entry into our country by so many. My parents are immigrants and I was seven months old when they arrived here. They came through the proper channels and had to support themselves. There was no free accommodation, free medical care, dental or money supplied for children. My parents supported their children and all are now successful. They taught us that hard work was required to be successful but also that we had to work for what what we got. Now people walk across the border and are provided with everything my parents were required to do on their own. I want to see people enter this country through the proper channels. Is that too much to ask?

Source: Globe & Mail SHANNON BUSTA PUBLISHED JANUARY 25, 2019 – whodat singer

“the recent UN Security Decision of Canada not being accepted should be a wake up call. Maybe you cronies in Ottawa can finally understand how so many Canadians feel betrayed when their loved ones get denied because of your Immigration “bull”. You only pay attention those who think “you’re a great Prime Minister” The truth is that you’re not listening to us. I feel for those who you “screw over” Your government is a joke. It was a mistake to vote for you. I’ll never do that again!

Source: Voice For Fairness Canada Supporter / Vancouver

“When you allow people to bring in their spouses, their parents, it means they will stay here, spend money here, invest in the country and the future of the country, and they will look to their children as their future here rather than abroad.”

Source: By Debra Black The Star / Staff Reporter Fri, Feb. 15, 2013

I personally know Marcus to be an honest upright citizen & know people who know both he & his family. Take another look into this request as I can think of no valid reason for refusing them entry to Canada.

Source: Fran Lavigne / Fort Saint John BC / / June 2020

“The department continues to accept and process applications throughout the period of these temporary measures,” Kevin Lemkay, a spokesperson for Mendicino, said by email. “Immigration has, and will continue to be critical to Canada’s long term success as we work to recover from the economic headwinds we are facing due to the coronavirus.”

Source: THE POSTMEDIA ADVANTAGE/Bloomberg/ Kevin Lemkay Spokesperson for Marco Mendicino Immigration Minister of Canada

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